Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Do You Know the Scene in Bye-Bye Birdie Where All of the Teens are Talking on the Phone to Each Other about Hugo and Kim and the Screen Keeps Splitting to Include More Teens and the Word that They're Going Steady Increases Exponentially? And They're Lying on their Backs in their Pastel Bedrooms Kicking their Legs About?

Kasey wrote the essay that I would have liked to have written about Hecht. Click link to left.



He picks up on my use of the word "oscillating" but not "bimbo." Click link to left.
Why not "bimbo"?
Why is self-infantilization an "evil twin"?
We all desire to regress, right?


Heriberto wants to do away with divas. Click link to left. No, no, Heriberto! Leave the world its divas!
[I think he's 'cranking out', as the common parlance would have it.]

I refuse to live in a world that did not at least at one time include Maria Callas, Misora Hibari, and Naseebo Lal.

I say this as both a diva and a gay man.


Speaking of gay men, my faery godfather asked for some more expansion into expository prose of what made Drew's reading great.

It was great because he successfully rejoined the separated Siamese twins of poetry and music, thus satisfying in the auditors a deep, maybe unrecognized, psychic need. You know, we applaud when doctors successfully separate such twins, like the Guatemalan girls who recently were allowed to go home as discrete entities. In their case, the operation was probably necessary for their continued survival, but that doesn't erase a kind of metaphysical sadness about severing what may be the ultimate intimacy.

I feel a great need to put poetry and music back together and often try to, although, as I have mentioned before, the textual purists may get on my case about it.


Jordan comments in his blog (click link to left), Actually, what's remarkable about blogging is how *consistent* everybody is; Nick's metaphor of proliferating cable channels is apt. Ladies and gentlemen, start your brands! I think I should like to be a little less consistent. Actually I don't know what I am. Except "oscillating."

But there sure are brands. I thought about that upon receiving an announcement for the most recent Slought Networks events focusing on sociopoetics. Sociopoetry is a viable market position. And you have to be really clearly a sociopoet (i.e. not too wildly oscillating). My writing is not NOT sociopoetical, but I would never get included in such a grouping, with Jeff Derksen, Rodrigo, et al....


Very sharp defiant essay on Brian's blog (click link at left) by Carol Mirakove defending Laura Elrick's very relevant, NYC polyglot poetry against those who would counterproductively (snootily? I don't know. Haven't read the review) harass it.


I sure do wish there were more ladies (or shall I say Laydayz) "starting their brands." It's cold out here all alone in my oscillating negligee...


Notes in response to Ron:

I adore titles. Sometimes I spend more time with a Table of Contents page than with the rest of the book. They have a delicious effect similar to the one I experience reading lists of crossword puzzle cues (PURE POETRY).

My funny formalist was funnier smarter younger and more complex and way less dismissable than his funny formalist. IMHO.


I'm so tired. Had a catheter in my cervix today... what a very unpleasant feeling!

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