Monday, January 06, 2003

Here, anything's rhetorically permissible!

Bob Perelman writes:

Ron's blog just led me to your blog, which I began reading happily the other day. It's always nice to see poetry alive and well. But, hey, when I read

suppose I'm
going to have
to define
sooner or later
-- I suppose it
has something
to do with
which Bob
Perelman says
is "dead"
(yeah, right,
Bob. Any more
up your

I felt put into a funhouse mirror a bit. Are you thinking of the time we chatted after my reading at Double Happiness? I have a sharper memory of you outlining some of the shoals of the current NYC scene; and a vague memory of me saying something to the effect that I wasn't so excited by writing that seemed satisfied with self-contained text games. But all that was was a casual opinion, a blurry snapshot of what felt like my taste at that moment. I hate pronouncements. So, if it's rhetorically permissible, can I non-pronounce that particular death?

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