Monday, January 20, 2003

Oscillating Bimbo Poetics

I may be the foremost (only?) proponent of "oscillating bimbo poetics."

The constant (territorial) display of "intelligence" among poets gets very tiresome, as it is only one modality among countless possible.

But I'm not "interested" (synonym, pleeze) so much in "stupidity" either.

There's a gigantic plethora of third terms.

Maybe it's "being in touch with one's inner buffoon." Thus spake the oscillating bimbo.

Ditziness as a condition for writing.
Airheadedness as a desirable quality.


[as in... my mind is blowing through the jasmine of my mind...]

Really what I'm after is the effect of giddiness, as that is something I am physico-emotionally experiencing most of the time. A kind of metabolic condition related to sugar, allergies, hormones, and an overdeveloped sensorium. It's a little like love and a little like fear and a little like a pajama party.

Analyzing the essentially unanalyzable. OSCILLATION facilitates "a thousand" (in the Chinese, metaphorical sense) viewpoints & voices. Not that that's anything new.


Marjorie Perloff writes somewhere (in that big Talisman book?) about a Rae Armantrout poem that ends with the awkward word "neck". Alan Davies also has a line somewhere (although I can't remember if it's in _NAME_ or somewhere in _Candor_) about eating his neck.

I don't know if that line was floating about in my subconscious when I unknowingly stole it for the last line of "Articua (Araucana)", a poem written just upon waking which appears in _Are Not Our Lowing Heifers Sleeker than Night-Swollen Mushrooms?_:

as edible gaiety: i eat


Dream this morning in which I am trying to think of a word for "boat" that doesn't have an "r" in it. All I can think of is "barque". Which is a variation, of course, of "bark" or "barkentine": "a small sailing ship" or (I love this definition) "a craft propelled by sails or oars."

"BARQUE" makes me think of "The Golden Hind" -- which I believe was one of Sir Francis Drake's exploring (colonizing) ships. And I think of Queen Elizabeth, "virgin" manipulator-king. Did she sleep with Drake? Some think so. Although she was no longer young.

Another association with "The Golden Hind" is a golden "hiney" -- as if suntanned.

A word for "boat" that doesn't have an "r" in it...


this state of perpetual... puzzlement...

If you are only reading poets' blogs, let me encourage you to blog-surf at There's an incredibly rich linguistic universe out there, full of opinions, anecdotes, information, and confessions. I'm very excited by the colloquiality of this medium.

Drew managed, in his reading Saturday, to synthesize his verbal and his musical talents under the umbrella of his innate charisma. That, perhaps, is why he got an encore. How many poets get encores?

His "sarcasm" "especially" "well-" "expressed."

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