Saturday, January 11, 2003

[this poem -- except for the two lists -- is supposed to be in three-line stanzas]


As with a yellowish couple
sanpaku green Hypnoscheinwerfern
one radiates. It wishes only my energy --

it to require they suddenly sometimes,
like a demandingly plaintive kid speech,
which why ask? why? why?

if it wishes an activity or
wet wet with food with the place,

Sometimes, if I make house things,
I do not feel you as I'm, which plays a role,
this it's really I comète besprinkling

or the counter wiping off. I am another woman
cleaning-ram. Having Dante is an attractive doofus, smiles,
which rubs upward and prancing for the food? Food? more more food?

smiles sniffle to mine red it at lips, purrs.
Its fur is from clay/tone differently brother's
smoothes its deeply with a grey flaumigen undercoat.

The separate gland oil gives it the places clumpy.
During it assied on me it smiles itself and my fingers licks:
lick if you lick lick, grignotent, gnaw on gnaw on, lick.

It shifts, it is, under the charm of
something kinetics or buglike
with much effort.

dante is divine
dante is lost
dante is off again
dante is back
dante is born
dante is apprehended by commander pyre of the tsars' own scarlet wraiths
dante is an interesting and articulate guest on radio and tv
dante is guided through hell and purgatory by virgil and by beatrice through heaven
dante is really very popular
dante is the real deal
dante is very frightened and nervous by virgil’s presence as you can tell by his response towards virgil saying "have pity on me
dante is at the gate of purgatory proper
dante is the closest thing to an answer
dante is joyfully reunited with beatrice
dante is known for peopling the comedy with his acquaintances
dante is an agile and quick athlete
dante is sitting on the floor
dante is trying to reach his boss on the phone
dante is full of fear as he enters the gloomy halls of the inferno
dante is also able to probe the minds of others
dante is 290 pounds and he's 6'4"
dante is the darling of my life
dante is my spiritual food
dante is a great poet
dante is one star in the entertainment business who doesn't need a press agent to hype his many accomplishments
dante is full of life and full of himself sometimes

Nemo has that willfulness and insolence
which extends outside, the Lord of blackening.
This nervous intelligence. Is presented I to consider to him of Skull.

If you stated yourselves to contradict GET DOWN you,
Dante craven narrows, but Nemo will neglects me simply,
activity of wild brilliant force on its face

I found, by playing the its lady of cleaning,
looking at window on the gray neu-angekommene coolness,
"of which things koestliche thinking we do have to eat this case?

and presenting, to ask around Gary,
"that things koestliche became to want you to eat you this case?"
... claustro-coziness the house.

Are the cats, like a matter of writing,
folded back and kitsch, right-hand side?
Here, kitschy, kitschy.

Awaking me the night for kibbles, sleeping on my head,
creating horrible stinks. But they not, as so much of what I meet in this world,
incur in me the resentment, the weariness, agitation, or violence.

Nemo has a certain manner of operation on those appears like
"herumspringendes"-- he's that a goat. I note that I think sometimes the goat of him
like left milkless, a child of Lucifer and me.

Herumspringen normally precisely accompanies Quietschen
by a chirrup or Teenybaby mew, to exceed. When it isn't with that ardor,
he is restive added drug, excited. It was perforated.

It wanted to expire in Hallway, therefore I, said OKAY,
let's expires in Hallway. It schnueffelte approximately courageously to be,
when another housing opened with door,

however ran of return him more terrified, mewing,
with our door, and raye, left return inside.
Its fragile névroses are exact at me.

Is it indeed my child? mine trusts it?
or a certain extrusion of me? Ne-MOIS. of holy Karneval person,
who belongs to Nada, household carnivore.

Two moistens syllables, which shift the mouth grimace,
which became at an astonishment zero stretch outside. Smoothes
the gameness, light of my living piece: iranai of ANIMONATEN ireba of anataga.

nemo is nifty
nemo is to improve the life long learning
nemo is an extendible stellar dynamics toolbox
nemo is a stellar dynamics toolbox for users as well as pro
nemo is the ideal forum for musicians
nemo is designed to improve the quality of life for anyone with
nemo is not digesting squid that he has eaten
nemo is based on a concept of concentrated and localizated reinforcement
nemo is exciting
nemo is the star of a new book bearing his name
nemo is a lightweight
nemo is latijn voor 'niemand'
nemo is gecastreerd
nemo is quite the snuggle bunny
nemo is as astonishing now as when first published
nemo is incisive commentary on the world we live in today
nemo is where you want to be
nemo is a young new yorker who is carried off by a giant blimp to slumberland
nemo is so awesome

The need something I don't, Has I they my society animal, my possession,
my possessed animal of the society prance of the high continuous,
unsheathed crazy firm view the claw.

Add little smeared sign a D, in order to go well to the Daemon.
Dante likes wallow in my newspaper and steals my luminous ray of the attention.
Its very large haarigen hulk lolls in the sides,

its ears withdraw slightly and anticipate GET DOWN
It looks at also assured however unlenksam. It thus does not become
that lunk it shifted, maintenance me me that in it him petting,

all distorts it manner like a Russian hat mussed and fluffed.
Its halls undercoat gray ends in wispy clouds,
hanging far far its back or from the nose.

Nemo is worse. If the cry in him or me refuse something with him --
he disappears and the bullies his brother. He'll persecutes it with howling
much mutual and of the groups of the skin of the flight.

Dante never does this in Nemo, although it is larger as much.
Both have gelatinous a mullido underhanging additional belly,
like lions or NANDI (cows with sagradas) of the zoological gardens.

The question is to know how I can be everywhere open to turbulences
of the worlds poetischen of others. Or need which I include/understand even of them
like turbulences. But it is, like I feel it.

Your breath has this odor, of Saeugetieres (animal fleischfressendes)
and the ocean. Your heads, particularly in the place behind the ear,
in which them softer fur rises together in two directions in a top, odor like the cocoa.

This whole conversation "of the widening of the field." What arrives,
if the field receives thus, you extended don't would like or lives inside
to fold you more him? Wide field = a kind attacks territorial. Masculine marauders.

A head of cats is right the just format in order to seize, as a orange or a breast
of the smallish. Part of great design of nature's? Task continuously to as you we it
is going to die and of like my cats has breath. Their nervousness.

I watch the breath of Dante to move in its body like He hairs.
There's a point on its voluminosa belly that increases, scatterers,
increases. The bands deform a po ', radically when it moves more completely.

Gary releases the keyboard keys, the mouse. Radar of the ears of Dante
approximately in nature. Dante is "simple". I mean, purrs him if him straight lines
sight with him or, if you handle to seize your capacity, to bring him.

Nemo which, purr not always deigning each proud occasion, however there subtle,
time, when it me with desperate to require clay lunges, for on my box finding
or its head in my hair strong to confuse, its pure, almost violent one.

Dante is very sensitive to my "strange" action.
I passed by a phase to carry a Chinese mask of pig of character of animation around the house while dancing around an extravagant manner of the song length to Maria Callas.

Dante would function until me and entreatingly with eyes full with the timid concern
would look at me. Which connection could be there between these "portals"
and "the vortices of the poetic worlds of others"?

And why am I so tilted to penetrate one but not the other?

One of my first sexual experiments was with sticking.
The cats are my harem, my hysterical odalisques. hold you luminous I'm. naked
your asshole of small smooches, smaller than dimes, like a fraction of penny foreign coin.

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