Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Jim Behrle asked if I was serious or joking about my Berrigan comment, below.

I wrote to him:

I'm serious.

I love the specificity and intimacy of knowing what substances he took to
change his psychic state.

And I do. I meant to cast no snide aspersions on Berrigan's character, nor to typecast him, as he himself may have done in his poems, as a person defined by his drugs.

I would love just as much to know what someone ate or who someone slept with or what they dreamed the previous night.

Disclosure is adorable. As Jordan said recently, there is no privacy. Or see my comment here not too long ago beginning with "I love someone to the extent that..."

Or as Richard Loranger and I agreed earlier today in a conversation at the Writing Center at Pratt, "there is never too much information."

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