Saturday, March 08, 2003

Ron gets it absolutely right today, IMHO, with his comments on the intellectual bad faith of the "school of quietude."

Strange because I was thinking, upon awakening this morning, that one of the problems for me with language poetry, in retrospect, was that it was too cool (in the sense of temperature), not inflammatory enough, with the notable exception of the work of Bruce Andrews. That in fact it often did seem to aim for a kind of cerebral quietude, especially on the West Coast. Lyn Hejinian, Queen of Contemplativeness, seems a paradigm of this mode.

My problem is, how to take those extraordinary formal moves -- yes, the range of stylistic devices (Lyn claims in a letter to the Po Proj that LP was not a "style" -- which sounds to me like saying that punk is not a style -- of course it is! and of course there are any number of variations proposed within that style -- but it is a style. And with LP, it's all about parataxis) and mix them up, MOTIVATE them, with strains of McClure and Corso, as any good New Beat should. Heat it up, mon... ME WANT BIG NOISE NOW!

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