Tuesday, March 25, 2003


Slogans collected at the Peace Demonstration Saturday, March 22:

Shocked/ Awed/ Pissed Off

Shame Shame Shame

Hey Bush who are you kidding

Breasts not Bombs

Do We Hate Our Enemies More than We Love Our Children?

History tells us that empires do not last. Nations bleed themselves of resources to maintain a bloated military. They begin to rot from within.

Dear Terrorists--
George Bush is from Texas
[map of US with Texas enlarged, targeted]

Georgie: If we agree your dick is bigger than Saddam's, will you call off the war? {picture of Bush crosseyed)

George W. hitler

The World will not stand the Strong to swallow up the WEAK.
--George W. Bush 1990

Jacques Chirac
You can have this back
We don't need it any more
[pic of statue of liberty]

See you in the Hague Mr. Bush. Learn Int'l Law.

Oil on their minds
+ GREED in their hearts
= Blood on their hands

Rome Fell

Issam Sadak , Moroccan

Report Card
George W. Bush
Does not Play Well with Others
(and runs with scissors)

Jesus is the answer Not War

Yee-Ha is not a foreign policy

Stop the cowboy discourse

Vets for peace say "Cheney to thefront"

I thought Bush was pro-life

Wanted: Osama Bin Bush

Bombs Kill Moms

Shame on US Media for propagating Bush's lies

Truth, Reason, and Logic:
Causing Problems for Conservatives Everywhere

Illegitimate War
Illegitimate President

Silence is the voice of complicity

1 Second in Iraq=$1200=
1 year of a child's education in 2000

US Foreign Policy Cucks

Stop Human Genocide [I asked her, why only human genocide?]

BUSH -- the Only Dope Worth Shooting

How Can You Bring Democracy to Iraq When You're Destroying it at Home?

Mr Bush: Get back to Domestic Issues --
You are no good at foreign policy
Actually you're no good at domestic policies either --

How many lives per gallon?

Take the toys away from Junior.

The only Bush I support is my own.

Let's not sleepwalk through history

Just cause?
Or just idiots?

Ye are not our shepherd and we are not your mutton.

Shock + awe = terror

The Bush junta's crimes are shocking and awful.

Jesus CHOOSE Caesar

Baghdad destroyed along with democracy

Support our troops
End this War

George: liberate US!!

Brain Washington

[the asterisks below should be "does not equal" signs]
World opinion * focus group
Preemption * security
Disssent * treason
Democracy * occupation
Journalism * stenography
Peace * war
United Nations * irrelevant

Draft the bush twins

No more Bushit

You can't liberate people by bombing the living fuck out of them.

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