Sunday, March 30, 2003


Why America Sucks. Corporate Pigs.
It's not going to work anymore. ...
(made possible by Loquacious)
america sucks dick! america sucks dick!
Bank of America Sucks Ass
anger management is a punch in the face
Corporate America Sucks!! ... I work at a desk
and no one sees me all day! Once again for the record...
"Corporate America Sucks!!". grrrr. I like big butts
and I can not Lie Corporate America Sucks!!.
Actually ... America Sucks The United States of America
is currently engaged in an illegal war against Iraq. America
SUCKS - Anarchy dirtworld/ community/sucks/ Corporate America sucks
no play this game so I can get a few cents.
due to the rules and regulations we're not actually allowed
to say that america sucks.
Can't Stand Being With You ANTI-SYSTEM:
No Laughing Matter. Spank! Youth Culture
SIX FLAGS AMERICA SUCKS! America Survives ...
Missing People Spit on America! America sucks shit!!!!! ...
RE: Spit on America! America sucks shit!!!!!
Funny, Satirical and Nerdy America Sucks
America Sucks (pudding) America Sucks Cock
biggoat Poodle Destroyka Punk Vitaminepillen
Chase Bank Sucks. Circuit City Lawsuit.
Coke Spotlight. Corporate America Sucks.
Discover Card Sucks. E-toys Sucks. Home Depot Sucks.
I Hate Ikea. ... America Sucks By: Mr. Fucko.
It's never made ... a bitch. America sucks,
and I'm not afraid to say that I am ashamed to be
an American. I ... america aka "the land of the free"
isnt all that it seems. ... death by ignorace. Comments:
America sucks. America can rot for all i care. Japan can shine.
India is good, america sucks, but still, job opportunity
is more important to me than culture and family,
even though those are the most important things in ...
(Associated Mess). MORE AMERICA SUCKS!! Hi America sucks,
I'm George W. Bush, the president of the United States.
You can call me Dubya. ... assholes ... In the parlance of our time,
Geek America ‘sucks’ geek america sucks. steve, hamster lover. brent,
last action hero. melissa, where is my home? word, and you can't tell
people to rise up and slice the monarch's head off--
but you can talk about how much America sucks ...
America Sucks! ... "God Bless America" Sucks on Many Levels.
After the Destruction Comes More Evil. ... ... i wish i was gay.
you are all halfway retarded, sheep, just pieces of the system.
america sucks. children rule, most adults suck. i hate everyone.

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