Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Wishing the best to Krishna, Ron Silliman's* wife, for her treatment for RSD. I didn't know that there was a specific hospital procedure for RSD, which I've heard is a truly torture-like malady. I hope the treatment is effective and painless.

Speaking of chronic pain, three news items:

Item 1: My actual workers comp trial (as distinct from mere hearings, of which I've had several, all a stupendous waste of time) is this afternoon. I've been waiting for it since I filed for workers comp in APRIL of 2001. My lawyer is encouraging, as I've got several doctors corroborating & supporting my case. Like most judicial fishponds, however, workers comp is well-stocked with Republicans who like to play pocket pool with insurance carriers. Wish me luck!

Item 2: I've ordered, but not yet received, a device that sits on top of the computer like a webcam. It picks up the reflections of a little mylar bindi you put on your forehead, and lets you control the cursor with very very subtle movements of the head. To those who would say, "OK, but then wouldn't you get RSI of the head?", I'd venture, "perhaps not, as we tend to keep our heads still and locked when we use computers, and that contributes to the problem. Being sure to move our heads might actually be beneficial." I'll let everyone know whether this technology works or not.

Item 3: I've started drinking yerba mate instead of my beloved black and green teas. I've noticed a definite reduction in muscle tension and overall anxiety. Yerba mate seems to give a steadier and calmer sort of high, making me at least as alert as when I drink caffeine (as opposed to "matteine"). Good for digestion too!

*I urge everyone to read Ron's beautiful erotic poem in the newest Shampoo. Drew Gardner's poem in the same issue is also a masterpiece and NOT TO BE MISSED.

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