Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I think I half agree

I think I half agree with Kari Edwards over at transdada that marriage is one of those "gross acts of non-questioning of an already bankrupt system....nothing more than a display of an over the top desire... to practice the rituals of the power elite," and that we should "stop buying into the system..."

Marriage is not, frankly, something that I have fantasized all my life about -- but rather something I shrank from (even as a child! * I remember one x-mas getting a madame alexander bride doll and promptly cutting off all her hair and changing her clothes so that she would be a little more multipurpose) with no small repugnance and looked down on from the catbird seat of my superior intellect and staunch bohemianism.

THAT BEING SAID, I am having a really amazingly entertaining time planning the celebration, to include *roses* and *bellydancers* and *epithalamions,* only a few of the myriad delights I am now brewing, and I think it's an experience no one [NO ONE -- are you reading this, ASSCROFT?] should be denied, should they for any reason want it.

*One of my favorite jokes as a child went thusly:

Love is blind.

Marriage is an institution.

Therefore, a happy marriage is an institution for the blind.


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