Friday, March 19, 2004


Silky hirsute plunge, a mouthed apricot kernelling the loops inside a listless tongue. Its swollen fever mauve as pollen, lit globes of syrup movement spin so fast I'm going to fall off the wonder horse's magic brainstem again. The pseudo-electric lights there like morays and heart's heaving blizzard effects a blizzard of cilia and algae struck to a wandering hand -- whoops! whoops on the wind, gripping what's being ridden to starry deeps, strummed as a hinge, thrummed through bilkings and coughs and furtive imagined sacs of milkweed seed.

Boobie water gun

dicky sipping straws



"Do you have milk?" says the pretty ingenue to the jockey erect on his teed, spine as straight as desire is a ruse for life as it can only be lived e to make throaty signals to drummers covered with almond powder and farfisas swirling on the pendulous sac. Fish eggs! Fish eggs! Flickering lustre! The strudel's on the bottom and the pie in your hair, nipping at the flared lips of the stallions sensibilities. Woo! Woo! Woowee! Empurplement. The short lives of lilies and their saffron stamens -- oops -- I got it all over my nipple again in the broad distance I call "gentle" or "glorious" or "I really shouldn't jinx it" depending on my lord's mood, his apple-y stomach stroked with gel like something burned from the inside out: spilled milk, spilled milk, spilled milk. Nandi the cow lies down on the rose petal, the houri emerges in musky garments, pink and blue birds flutter in mating.

Mr America Walking Pecker


strawberry pulsabath

dick through the head

Spring! Kiss me, sweet William, bright orange egg, flicker, flicker, little snail, flared out like adrenaline rubbed all over with lanolin and fur. Sparking crevices and full bursting to a droop. Sea of mung, ornamental pepper, weigh down the bee-loud trellis with your frabjous jamjar hand!

koochie pencil sharpener

amazing growing pecker -- from wee wee to whopper!

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