Saturday, September 11, 2004

Call THIS a Tribute?

Thin heir skips prison, linking tacky goods to Patriot Day.
It's a Twinkie Toy. Sentenced to life, killer yawns. Nam
is old news.: a true shopper is always on the lookout.
A bully law takes effect: US batters militants in 3 cities.
She was trying to loosen her cuffs because of her hypoglycemic
condition. An officer sprayed our hands with Windex
and then scrubbed them to take off the pier dirt.
There seemed no rhyme or reason for what was called
"being processed." When voters blink, pols do their worst.
Bad Vlad, deadly math, condemn terror now, fraud figure
found. Resident Evil: Apocalypse.. Vanity Fair without
a paddle. What you can't smell can kill you. Empire Turkeys.
Jumbo Honeydews. Mrs. Adler's Gefilte Fish. The square root
of sinful. Bright pints of sweet red yellow and gold raspberries.
Wets bwush your pwetty teeth. Boyfriends can be like that. Uh-
oh, it's a gray area social situation. I'll bet Amnesty International
would love to hear from a teenager who's forced to do his own laundry.
I assumed your nervous system would be compromised. It's like every
finger of me fits snugly into every hole in this big crazy glove we call
the world. Romp finishes and finally, double dip. Laugher is victory
in itself. With emotions still raw, cash in. Streak over, Hellboy.

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