Monday, March 05, 2007

Awkwardness is endearing; gracefulness*, not so much.

(Gracefulness differs from grace, right?)


Henry Gould said...

Gracefulness is endearing to the awkward.

Nada said...

No, I don't think so. I was making the opposite point. I am somewhat awkward and find gracefulness unattainable and therefore not endearing. Sometimes I might even say that gracefulness irritates me.

What's more endearing -- a big-pawed puppy or a prima ballerina? The ballerina will elicit several responses, but endearment is probably not one of them.

Henry Gould said...

I'm awkward & I find ballerinas endearing. Prof. Hubert Geschischlichegesundtheit has written somewhere about the "endearingishness of the unattainablific". I think he wrote about it in Berne, Switzerland, on a napkin or something.

Nada said...

Very funny!

IRONICALLY, I was just stretching awkwardly in the dance studio at the Pratt gym and who else should be there but a BALLERINA. In PINK SATIN TOE SHOES no less.

No fair. No fair.