Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wrong Face

There's something wrong with
my face (other than my drunken

Russian souvenir shop balalaika,
a 'zippy zither') – Remember

the time your chemistry caught fire?
And then there was something

about a tarantula having baby
rainbow suspenders worn by Mork

or an extra nose tattooed on your face
next to your real nose. Ha!... Monkey Face!

Bathed in any pumpkin seeds lately?
Frickin' Komodo Dragons -- like a particularly

bucolic avant-folk experiment.
Researchers have devised what they call

the "still face experiment" to see
what happens when interactions are

disrupted. The seagulls look at the
chicken-thing bobbing in the water.

The birds all look like seagulls or
cormorants in the artificial sky:

Blood Blood and Black Lace Blood
The Exorcist The Experiment The Eye Face

Whats new seagull face? WOOOOOOOAHHH
yah. Really? So what's the truth

behind the seagull face? wings catchycolours
action seagull experiment flare practice …

Is it all a science experiment? A dream?
A supernatural pocket in the universe

with a tentacle face and in possession
of a lot of people's souls?

Baby Jesus and I rode over to my new
rehearsal space, his features are composed of

people's moms naked yeah I remember
the pop rocks tale, the Alka-Seltzer/seagull

experiment, and the bloody mary story.
Secondly, I have a sneaking suspicion

that the monkey face didn't stay put.
I also have a monkey face (I am famous for it) --

so realistic if you get too close.
The star of all the wildlife films is me.

Really? So what's the truth behind the
seagull face? My innocent look, baby duckling []

none [] hedgehog [] snail [] piranha []
seagull [] newt [] pigeon. The FACE experiment

was conducted on a moderately fertile
Night Of The Seagulls with strands falling

onto my face -- I think this might be
an experiment with "alternative distribution

systems" of gentle lavender vomit.
Like a baby seagull, our robots rely

on a sense of normalcy. O Analogy Police,
I will not lick my human's face.

I can swear to you that the seagulls were
vultures, expecting some statistical regularity

in their experiences. An object in the shape
of a face changes into a separate seagull face

the heat is coming off the sidewalk in waves
and you see that there's something wrong

with my face—like it's a jigsaw puzzle
not put together right. There's something wrong

with my monitor. There's something wrong
with my script, and I can't figure out what!

There's something wrong with my throat.
I can't swallow properly and my voice

is hard and rough. There's something wrong
with my ears. What if there's something wrong

with my puzzle? How do I send you
the picture for the puzzle?

1 comment:

sa said...

What a great poem! I'm glad to get some confirmation that the baby Jesus's face really is made out of naked moms--I thought that, when I met him, but then it seemed, you know, too implausible.