Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Urban Glamour, Anyone?

Not an urban legend: Gary got up to use the restroom at around 4 this morning and I heard him shriek. There was a rat in the toilet. He flushed it down, but we are freaked out. We're on the fourth floor! What the...?

It could have swum up the pipes or come down through a roof pipe.

Last year, readers of this blog may remember, rats devoured a bag of my shoes in the storage room. Do I just have bad rat karma?


shanna said...

tell gary i'm sorry i laughed at the thot of him shrieking in the night

maybe he got trapped in the flood, that rat

Gary said...

It was more like an "EUAAUUUGHHH!!" than a shriek, followed by a lot of "oh my god" "oh my fucking god"s ...