Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Here's my facebook blow-by-blow status updates on the RNC:

Nada noted that she said "EYE-ran" and not "Ee-rahn." 10:54pm - Comment

Nada wants her to say "cool" at least once. 10:51pm - Comment

Nada notes that Willow? Piper? keeps messing with the baby, licking her palm to smooth his hair, picking stuff out of his eyes, etc. 10:50pm - Comment

Nada so far only liked Huckabee, although she doesn't agree with anything he said. 10:49pm - Comment

Nada admires the red white and blue feather boa. 10:47pm - Comment

Nada thought: "Here's a little nudeflash"??? 10:46pm - Comment

Nada would like to help Sarah soften some of those vowels. 10:45pm - Comment

Nada notes they just led a crunchy protester out of the convention hall. 10:44pm - Comment

Nada : "The difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? EVOLUTION." 10:43pm - Comment

Nada notes that both sides pimp their kids mercilessly. 10:42pm - Comment

Nada : "Cindy, that dress. What were you thinking?" 10:40pm - Comment

Nada wonders, is this a joke? 10:38pm - Comment
Nada thinks Track looks terrified. 10:36pm - Comment

Nada basically thinks abortion should be mandatory. Enough of the human scourge! 10:35pm - Comment
Nada is overwhelmed by her dorkiness! 10:34pm - Comment
Nada basically likes beehives, bouffants, etc., as you might guess. 10:34pm - Comment
Nada thinks that Sarah Palin looks like she's wearing a sexy 1960s librarian costume. 10:33pm - Comment
Nada notes that "change is not a destination and hope is not a strategy" is admittedly a good soundbite. 10:32pm - Comment

Nada notes that Giuliani just said my name ... twice. 10:11pm - Comment

Nada binaries Manichean duality ugh. 10:04pm - Comment
Nada feels like worms are crawling up her back when Giuliani does that nasty fake grin. 10:02pm - Comment

Nada senses that Bristol is diggin' on the publicity. 10:01pm - Comment
Nada is a fiscal peacock. 9:56pm - Comment

Nada irrationally hates CIndy McCain. 9:54pm - Comment

Nada thinks it looks like a sci-fi eugenics deomstration. Especially when they chant. 9:53pm - Comment
Nada likes Lingal's PC pronunciation of Hawai'i (sp?) 9:52pm - Comment
Nada notes ironic editing on the televising of the RNC. 9:51pm - Comment

Nada doesn't understand them at all. 9:49pm - Comment
Nada notes that Governor Lingal thinks sthat Sarah Palin is "truly authentic." 9:46pm - Comment

Nada unlike Sarah Palin has never been crowned Miss anything. 9:44pm - Comment

Nada wonders why Republicans tend to look so weirdly pasty. Bad diets? 9:43pm - Comment
Nada didn't know the governor Hawaii's name was Linda Lingal, and thinks that sounds more than a little obscene. 9:42pm - Comment

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rodney k said...

Nada notes (I hope) that Nada rules.