Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fifi abdo

Extraordinary, especially in consideration of Mady Schutzman's wisdom below. You have to see this.


phaneronoemikon said...



odalisqued said...

Fifi Abdo is my favorite dancer. I was reading somewhere a story abt her performance, how she straddles an incense decanter and waves all the incense into her crotch!

Nada said...

I was led to this video from the wonderful Fifi doing a saidi dance in a bedroom vid you linked to, Anne, in your fondling of Folly. That was awesome: thanks for that!

Yes, crotch incense: an acquaintance who is married to an Egyptian guy and who has lived in Egypt informs me that this is common practice among the ladeez there. How much we have to learn!

odalisqued said...

wow - I wonder if this is related to the african practice of drying out the vagina with smoke?

I've heard that's what women do on their wedding days!

Nada said...

Um... why would anyone want to *dry out* their vagina? To make themselves seem indifferent?

Alli Warren said...

Best Comment Box Ever (BCBE)

Nada said...

Yes, except that the English teacher in me thinks that I ought to have written,

"why would anyone want to *dry out* HER vagina? To make HERSELF seem indifferent?"

and Anne should have written incense CENSER and not DECANTER

just sayin'

phaneronoemikon said...

For some reason
I keep thinking of

Jimmy Durante's nose
nuzzling a dry vagina

but also

a Rajasthani Popeye Raja
with Silos of Saag
who instead of saying

'Well blow me down!'

'What a sister fucker!'

stacey said...

Funny, this song by Cheb Khaled who is no longer cheb reminds me of the Touareg carpet vender with green eyes in Zagura who fucked both my travelling companions as I waited on his stoop with a glass of mint tea. He played it on an old cassette player in his dusty Toyota, his shesh having rubbed a bald spot on the ceiling above his seat. He gave it to me when I left. Thierry was shooting a doc of Khaled at the time and showed him the cassette which greatly amused him. Very keenly bootleg, made from a series of concerts when he was quite young, Khaled made an improved CD copy of it to add to his collection.
I saw him in concert many times and this was always the song where the crowd went wild. Something about the whining escalation in the "Didi" that throws one into ecstatic dance.

Re: "vaginal drying", I think it's a cooling gesture. Both Senegalese and Malian female dance waves air into the crotch to cool it off, giving the impression that the women are too hot to handle. A very enticing gesture to arouse the men in the audience. I guess cooling in that sense is a kind of drying...though not from indifference, more a "come hither" a little more directly than the needley finger gesture of white folks.