Thursday, June 04, 2009

Born Again

Let me be born again. Let me
literally be spirited
back within my mother who
equally miraculously
let be live as once she was.
Let me decide just where & when
& in what set of circumstances I
shall this time choose to enter.
Let me think.

~ David Bromige

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phaneronoemikon said...


there is depth in
the chalice of the child
can be picked up with the

hover in changeable arrangements
too feverish to enter a mother's womb
or to see the inside of a special

a glass glass
more enviable than rain
more stinking and transparent
than jesus, or rain
more like a laser
when it enters

stained glass trees
trees whose surfaces are seas
seas of mixing colors
or colored breads

deep dead seas of heads
heads like nests covered in hands

old hands
more soft than stinking
and transparent reigns

one old hand
neither light
nor dark
neither breathing
nore dull

one dull eyeball

one dim nest
resting in the perfection
of coolness